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Dual Fuel Regulator

Speed regulators for Dual Fuel Biogas-Diesel
converted from Diesel engines


A speed regulator for static biogas engines renovated from diesel engines is a butterfly valve regulating biogas speed and connected to the biogas supply pipe by a fixed weld into the air inlet pipe of the engine. Biogas throttle valve of the speed regulator changes its aperture due to the control system connecting to the speed sensor of the speed regulator in the original engine. The linkage of the speed regulator with the high-pressure pump is removed. The new structure regulating the high-pressure pump allows rotating the pump piston to one of two positions: at the position of the spray amount big enough for easy start-up and the minimum spray amount to ensure biogas-air ignition. Thisstructure also allows finetuning control position of the high pressure pump to ensure the smallest diesel amount injected into the engine but the engine still operates stably when running on biogas. With this system, the engine speed is maintained stable automatically when the resistance load changes. The engine consumes about 1m3 biogas normally corresponding to 1kWh electricity generated and the amount of diesel spray for ignition spark shall not exceed 5% of the injection level. This solution has been approved with Patent# 9433

Regulator Design                              Setting up Regulator on Engine

Connection Reglator to Throttle Valve               Biogas-Diesel Dual Fuel Engine


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