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Poor Biogas Fuel




          The paper analyzes the possibility of using poor biogas as fuel for dual fuel engine. Biogas produced from pig waste after H 2S filtration with iron oxide or bentonite is supplied directly to the engine without CO 2 filtration. Combustion of the fuel in the engine is simulated by FLUENT software in 3D space of spherical constant volume combustion chamber with ignition at the center. The initial conditions as well as biogas fuel components are varied.
           The results showed that with engine compression ratio of 15, maximum average combustion temperature of biogas fuel containing 80% CH 4 and 20% CO2 is lower than that of methane about 200K. The combustion speed of this biogas fuel is only about 50% of that of methane under the same conditions. Thus using poor biogas as fuel for dual fuel engine converted from diesel engine improves the ability of anti detonation, so that the compression ratio of origin engine can be conserved. This solution is beneficial both economically and technically.

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