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Performance of SI Biogas Engine






            This paper present the results of the theoretical and experimental study on the influences of the performance parameters of the biogas spark ignition engine converted from the ZH1115 diesel engine. When converted into the biogas engine, its compression ratio is reduced down to 14, 12 and 10 respectively. The combustion processes of the engine are simulated by the FLUENT Software. The experiment is conducted with the Froude hydraulic dynamometer and the biogas source is regulated so that it has different amounts of CH4.
            The results of the simulation correspond to the experiment. The optimum compression ratio of the engine when it is powered by biogas is proportional to e=12. The engine power of this compression ratio, at a rated speed of 2,200rpm, is equivalent to that of the original diesel-powered engine. The optimal advanced ignition angle of the engine when it is powered by biogas ranges between 34°and 42°. In the rated speed range, the engine power, on the average, can increase by 15% when the component of CH4 in biogas increases from 60% to 87%.

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