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LGP/Gasoline conversion



The urbane transport in Vietnam is different from the industrialized countries because most of the vehicles are motorcycles. The air pollution in urban region of Vietnam du to motorcycle exhaust gas will be thus more and more serious.
In order to reduce motorcycles emission, this work proposes the solution of utilization a cleaner fuel for this kind of vehicle: the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). For this purpose, two fuel systems have been studied and manufactured for adapting of the LPG on original gasoline motorcycles. In these systems, the LPG in gaseous state at 30mbar is used, no evaporator is needed and the mixture fraction at any regime of engine is controlled by a throttling valve.
The first system is for bi-fuel motorcycle (i.e. motorcycle can run either on gasoline or on LPG). In this case, the original gasoline carburetor is reused. The throttling valve is fitted on the guide pipe of gas control device and LPG supplying to the throat is made via a pipe throughout the seal between the carburetor and admission tube. The second system is for motorcycle using only LPG. In this case, a new gas carburetor is manufactured to adapt the new fuel on the engine. The gas carburetor can also be obtained by modifying the original gasoline carburetor. In whatever case, the installation of new fuel system doesn’t cause any change of structure and outside view of the original motorcycle.
The motorcycle running on LPG with these proposal fuel systems has emission reduction about 80% of CO, NOx concentrations and about 60% of HC concentration in comparison with original gasoline running. Otherwise, there is no lead or other special pollutants in exhaust gas du to adding substances for anti detonation. With actual fuel price in Vietnam, the fuel cost of 100km running with LPG is reduced more than 40% in comparison with gasoline running.

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TECHNOLOGY OF CONVERSION LPG/GASOLINE FOR MOTORCYCLES   The urbane transport in Vietnam is different from the...