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Experimental Model Compressed Biogas Motorcycle




              The paper presents experimental study of biogas compression and application of compressed biogas on motorcycle. After treating H2S by FeO and CO2 by mixture of CaO and NaOH, biogas is compressed into cylinder for vehicle use purpose. The calculation shows that the necessary energy for biogas compression is about I% of energy contained in compressed biogas with 80% CH4 . The compressed biogas is supplied to testing motorcycle via a conversion kit which is composed by a vacuum valve and a richer system. The richer system injects an auxiliary quantity of biogas to the engine at low load regime and at high load regime. The original carburetor is modified by stopping the principal injector. The gasoline is needed when the engine runs in idling regime. Biogas with 80% CH4 is compressed to a 30 liter cylinder at 6 bar pressure. With this quantity of compressed biogas, the motorcycle can run 5.5 km at speed of 30 to 50 km/h. The calculation prediction shows that the motorcycle can run 100km with a 20 liter cylinder containing biogas at 120 bar. This initial study shows the possibility of using compressed biogas as fuel on vehicle. It contributes to a large application of renewable energy for sustainable development and environment protection.

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